At study

I don’t know how they manage to cope with all the work they have to do. I’m not kidding, apart from the usual school syllabus the novices have all their Dhamma and Pali studies to do as well. Still I have spied them playing a bit of footy on occasion so it’s obviously not all work!


Whatever they are doing you can be sure their Pali books won’t be far away. I think that’s Samanen Coco on the left.


When the novices aren’t in the classroom you can usually see them memorising Pali.


The day’s lessons begin with a few chants led by one of the monks.


Samanen Nut




A Thai lesson outside.



These are the classrooms from the outside. They are continually being added to in order to keep up with the demand. If I haven’t already mentioned it the school is only a year or so old. We’re in to the second year at the moment and the amount of novices doubles each year.


A Dhamma lesson being administered by one of the junior monks.



A couple of snaps to show off scenery which can be enjoyed from the classroom balconies.



This is Samanen On (sp?) the senior novice. I think he’s  about nineteen. Very friendly but rather strict with the younger novices which I guess isn’t a bad thing seeing as most of us in charge are seen as ‘soft touches’. He does look a bit fierce don’t you think? I know the younger ones are wary of him.


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