Building 02 – 19th November 2010






Unfortunately I missed the beginning of the Ubosatha hall having spent Vassa in Bangkok.



The following are pictures of the makeshift camp the workers set up for themselves during their stay.



Coming up next – 20th Nov

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Building 03 – 20th November 2010


I believe the hills in the distance are called Phu Ruer which translates as Boat Mountain.




Next 21st Nov

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Ubosatha Hall

This is the new Ubosatha hall. I’ve got a feeling a larger one will have to be built in the future. Behind it a stupa is also being built.

IMG 0541

It will be interesting to see how they go about erecting a stupa I can’t imagine it being a simple undertaking.

IMG 0414

These were started whilst I was spending Vassa (the three months rains retreat) in Bangkok if you’re wondering why there aren’t any foundation shots.

This is a night time picture of one of the canals at Wat Bowon in Bangkok. At one time the city was the Venice of the East but for some strange and unforgiveable reason most of the canals were filled in and made into roads.

IMG 0267-03

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Massage School

Yom Yai pays a gentleman to come around occasionally to teach the Samaneras Thai massage. This type of massage originates from a time when slavery was practised and apparently it became a way of relaxing after a hard day’s manual labour.

IMG 0761

IMG 0763

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Praying Mantis

These are fearless little critters.

IMG 0022

The name mantis, which means “diviner,” was given to this insect by the ancient Greeks because they believed that it had supernatural powers.

(excerpt. Encyclopaedia Britannica)

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Testing BlogDesk

Windows Live Writer is up the spout. Hopefully I can get a Microsoft team around to fix it.

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At work

The novices had to fill bags with earth for some reason one weekend.


Like most things they got stuck in and enjoyed themselves.



Break time.




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